Dating game

Dating game

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Dating game

This can be a great task for getting students chatting. I have utilized it effectively with numerous different amounts and age brackets while having unearthed that it is extremely with the capacity of motivating teens to talk.

It really is specially ideal for practising explaining appearance, character and passions.


You will require an array of flashcards of men and women, a combination of many years and kinds.


  • Put an image of someone in the board and get the learning students to share with you his/her title, age and work. Write whatever you are told by them from the board. To start with they might be a bit confused and think that they need to understand the individual, however they will quickly obtain the idea.
    • Then inquire further to physically describe him/her. Once more, write just just what they inform you on the board. Continue this process of his/her character and hobbies. You need to end up with a paragraph profile of the individual.
    • Browse the description of the individual and elicit from the students that he or she just isn’t happy since they’re solitary and would like to fulfill a man/woman.
    • Then proceed with the procedure that is same to elicit a description of the individual they wish to fulfill. In the end of all this you need to have two explanations.
    • Inform the learning students which you see most of these explanations in ‘lonely hearts’ pages in mags and magazines. You can also bring some in to demonstrate them. ادامه خواندن “Dating game”